Thursday, July 9, 2009

Back To Basics

One of my favorite bloggers, san, wrote a piece a little while ago titled, "Taylor Hicks~~leave me with the music". As I drive around on vacation, thinking about what I want to do with my blog, I find myself returning to what she wrote.

I'm weary of the fan nonsense. I don't know how many times I considered hitting the delete button on my blog and just walking away because of it. But, the truth is, I'm not ready to walk away from Taylor Hick's music. Is it possible to strip everything else away and focus on those goose bump, life-affirming, joyful performances? I'm willing to give it a try.

I'm currently on a borrowed computer, about 1500 miles from home, so I can't do a proper search for a stunning Taylor Hicks performance. I'll post one that I've shared before and then I'd like to hear from you. Give me some links to your favorite performances and let's get so lost in the music that the rest of it melts away.


  1. I've never seen that video, but boy is it good - all very lazy and sexy at the same time! For some reason, it makes me want to be twenty again...

    Trust me, you can step away from the fan bs and enjoy Taylor's music. It is actually much more enjoyable and quite liberating. I can't tell you how many times I've been tempted to post a comment asking "who is this person and how does he/she know so much about Taylor's life and decisions", but I don't and I believe I am so much the better for it. I have a gc t-shirt that says "it's all about the music" and that is what it has become for me. I am inexplicably addicted to Taylor's voice and music - but that is it.
    I don't feel the need to beat him up for some career move I don't comprehend nor do I swoon over his every move (although he has some pretty hot moves!)

    Anyway, love the posted video - here's my absolute favorite - it's about 180 degrees from yours, but I never tire of watching/listening to it. In case the link doesn't work, it is The Maze with tags from Tom's River, NJ. No words necessary.

  2. Caryl I'm so glad you are back! Missed this blog. Great video by the way

  3. Thanks for the link. I can't watch it right now (still on vaca) but I hope my readers will check it out!

  4. Welcome back Caryl. I have missed you.
    There are so many favorite Taylor Videos...
    One of the first ones I was "hooked" on was the 9 min version of Georgia at Smiths Old Bar....
    More recently I love the acoustic videos from the Magic Bag! I don't know how to post links..but they are on youtube. I genuinely love all of Taylor's music and hope to follow his career for a long time. He is just about the most unique entertainer I have seen or heard.

  5. I absolutely love the vid you posted Caryl. I love Taylor's voice. Hope your blog sticks around for a long time. I like not having to deal with all the negativity and drama all the time. Hope you are having a great vacation.

  6. Caryl, Glad you are back. I too just love his music, its relaxing to listen to and does just take you to another place. This is one of my favorites:

    Hope you are enjoying you vacation!!!


  7. Great post and great video, Caryl. I also enjoyed ji's and anonymous' video. Taylor is a brilliant performer and he ALWAYS delivers. It is all about the music still for me. I will continue to listen to his wonderful music and follow his bright career.

    As Paula once said "Taylor broke the mold". With all the babbling she does, the girl can make sense. He is a sight to behold onstage and his soul will forever be part of his music.

    One very dedicated fan here, over 3 years later!

  8. anonymous, I enjoyed that video! Thanks so much for playing along.

    JI, your link is a little whack, but I figured it out! That was a good one.

    I'm back home now and on my own trusty computer. I've decided to stick to only posting on Tuesdays. I need to get on with other things in my life, but once a week shouldn't be too time consuming.

    We'll see how it goes!