Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Taylor Hicks' Pix

Remember this Taylor Hicks interview?

Q. What was the first thing you splurged on after you got your deal?

Taylor: I bought a camera -- a Cannon EOS 30. It's a really nice camera. I wanted to document all that's going on, and I got to with this camera.

This stuck in my head because I have an affinity for photography, though I've never had the time to learn how to do it right. Still, I fumble along with my inexpensive digital camera, documenting every little thing that lands within my line of vision.

Way back when GC was still up and running, I left a comment to the effect that someday Taylor should put some of his photos together in a book for his fans to buy. Immediately after hitting "submit," I felt like an idiot. Oh, not because of that particular comment. I always felt like an idiot immediately after voicing an opinion at Gray Charles. (ha)

Anyhoo, somewhere along the way I came across this book of photos published by Rob Morrow when he was doing "Northern Exposure." It's full of behind-the-scenes shots from the show. I appreciate some of the images visually, but mostly I found it to be just plain fun.

I'd love to see Taylor Hicks put a book together like this. If he were legally able to include American Idol photos (especially from the tour), there would be a big market for it. Dont'cha think?

Maybe he's saving his personal photos for another autobiography? He wouldn't have to depend on expensive help from a Rolling Stones journalist this time. There are many talented writers within his fan base who could offer help. (*ahem*)

Taylor Hicks hiding behind the orchestra, trying to get a photo of Jerry Lee Lewis.


  1. Somewhere I think I remember reading that Tay WAS planning to put together a photo book. don't know if he still is but yeah, that would be really cool! I know I would buy it.

  2. Lubiana, I remember reading the same thing, he was going to put together a photo book of his adventures.

    Caryl, Love it, hint, hint. We got to get this info to Taylor somehow, you would do a great job with your captions and just overall great writing skills!!


  3. I don't remember hearing that anywhere. I hope he does it, it would cool to look through.

    JI, you flatter me! But even if it wasn't me, there are some really good writers in this fanbase.

  4. Love the idea of a photo book by Taylor. I would buy it for sure!! I also think Caryl would be great at the narrative.

  5. Great idea! He must have a ton that have not been made public. I would love to see such a book. BTW I found a few on an old MS page "Little Memphis" yesterday. Ya'll have probalby already seen them but I had not. There are also some on Clay Connor's MS page. (It appears I can't put links in here.)

  6. I'd buy the book. I wonder if he lugs that camera around much anymore?


  7. Obviously not because it looks like Clay's photos (of Taylor and others) are taken with a cell phone. ;)