Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Taylor Tuesday Bonus

My family was visiting when Taylor Hicks' "Whomp At The Warfield" was on HDnet a week ago, Sunday. Despite my fantasies of forcing them to watch it...I mean, despite my plan to relax and enjoy the show with my company, we got caught up doing something else.

So I finally got to see WATW this afternoon. I was so impressed with the show that I decided to make notes as I watched to share here. First of all, due to some scheduling discrepancy, my recording started in the middle of the show. Taylor was already sweaty.

Some general notes: The theater looked full (others have said there are shots of empty seats) and the crowd was energized. I loved the shots from the stage, looking out at the audience. People were dancing, clapping, cheering. Panties flew. We got to see what Taylor Hicks sees as he's performing.

The band was hot. They sounded fantastic. During the THIRD encore ("Badge"), each band member played a solo. (BTW, I noticed Boogie's solo seemed to go on forever and was aware that Taylor wasn't on stage. He finally came out wearing a Giants shirt. Very cute. Taylor then knocked Brian Less aside and banged away on the organ, surprisingly on key. We were privy to shots of his hands on the keyboard so apparently he really can play a little.)

I enjoyed the close-ups of the band. It gives you a better idea of how hard they work and how much they seem to enjoy the music. Brian Gallagher, for instance, laughed as he did his own version of Taylor's trademark "Runaround Spin." (OK, I exaggerate a tad. He turned around. And laughed.)

Speaking of "The Runaround," Taylor introduced it as a Cajun tune. I don't remember hearing him describe it that way before, but OK. It's got some of the elements.

Taylor looked and sounded great. Obviously he brought his 'A' game for the cameras. When he's really on, everybody has a good time. I'm not a guitar player, but it sure looked like he knew what he was doing with his as the camera zoomed in. We also got lots of close-ups of Taylor playing harmonica. I'll bet if you needed someone to blow up balloons at a birthday party, he'd be your go-to guy.

Though the music was tight, Taylor was loose and playful with the audience. After his last bow, he jumped on top of a speaker and danced a bit. The only grimace-worthy moment during the whole show was when he made some odd growling noises during "Naked In the Jungle". Twice.

A couple of quick notes:

I was happy to see that the crowd stayed respectfully quiet during his first encore, "The Fall."

He played harmonica on his knees at one point.

What a great show! What makes it special for those of us who have been to a Taylor Hicks show is that you feel as if you're on stage with the band. You can hear every word sung or spoken, you can watch the musicians at work, you simply don't miss a thing.

Let's see how many of you would buy "Whomp At The Warfield" if you could. I'll put up a poll over there on the right. I know, I know, it's a dead issue. This is just for funsies.


  1. See you found your consciousness, lol.
    Fun read - as usual! Thanks.

  2. Caryl, Would have loved to seen it couldn't get it here. Would buy it in a minute. Those that were there said he was great that night. That was a great recap, thanks for sharing your thoughts!!!


  3. I opted for the beach that Sunday, one of the last sunny days we've had, but did see WATW twice prior....my only wish was that they had kept the audience reaction just a little more audible...if you catch it from the beginning, its a little eery when he comes out and you don't really hear anything....but its a great show and he looks really cute.

  4. I agree, Pattie- I would have liked to have heard a bit more of the cheering and singing that the audience always does at his shows- that's half the fun. But other than that, the camerawork was first-rate, and the s ound was 2nd to none. He looked fantastic- so sexy- I would buy it in a second if it ever actually did come out.

  5. Why then, has this not been issued for sale for fans to purchase on MySpazz or the HQ site, someplace.

    I certainly needs to be...

  6. I think I'm going to be totally obnoxious and post a link to this at HQ. Maybe people's comments will put a bug in someone's ear and we'll get some kind of explanation. yeah, I know, I'm dreaming.

  7. Loved the recap Caryl... glad to see you back in the groove! "Sexual?" You sure about that? LOL Can't wait to see this DVD!

    Sunny, something happened before the movie was distributed. Either Taylor pulled it or there were some kind of copywrite problems is all I can figure.

  8. Caryl, so glad that you saw WATW. I know what you mean about the fantasy of forcing people to watch it with you. I have SO many friends that have no idea what their missing out on. Ignorance is bliss they say.

    I actually lost my original taping of WATW on my DVR last March 10th. I had it saved there since Oct. 7th, 2007! (special days there, I know). Yeah, my DVR crashed and I lost that Wonderful concert. (well over 2 dozen viewings in that year and a half).

    I actually was able to share it with a few friends that enjoy Taylor, even though their not as big a fan as I am. I have the show saved again on my DVR and I love seeing it displayed on my recorded shows. I think I've seen it about 3 times since it's aired last.

    I so love that concert and could talk to the fans forever about it. The performances were great, the band amazing, and there are so many "Taylor" moments throughout. The more you watch the greater the show gets - you pick up the many nuances. I discussed the many facets of the concert on other posts so I won't bore you with too many details.

    As far as the growl on NITJ, you'll really appreciate the personality of Taylor "in the zone" with repeated viewings. There's a girl in the audience that just starts laughing at that gesture. I found it very endearing. She's the one putting her hands on her head as in a OMG moment. (blink and you might miss it.) I find it classic myself. It all come back to the unleashed, original Taylor that we all know and love.

    Make sure to save it if you haven't already. The show is a keeper. And yes, I would buy it in a heartbeat if it ever went on sale. I heard there was supposed to be a bonus interview included with the DVD before it was scrapped. Maybe we'll see it one day. The song "Medicated Goo" was also played that night but not show on the broadcast, most likely due to copyright issues. There is a version of it on the BB though in the media section.

    Great topic here. I always enjoy reading you thoughts and the fan posts.
    Keep up the great work and always "share a smile".

  9. I love WATW. It really is a pity that Taylor can't make money off of it.

  10. I have never seen it. I would buy it, it needs to be a part of my collection. He's a keeper. Now I am sad that I can't see the harmonica close-ups.

  11. Caryl, I've never seen it and I have no Clue if it were for sale or more accessable to the general public it would garner him more fans. As a fan, who attented two of his tour concerts in 2007, I would love seeing it since I believe it must be among the best of the best. I have threatened my non Tay girlfriends with showing them internet clips of his performances, should they descend on my home. Could that be the reason we hook up/meet elsewhere? Perhaps I need to throw in my special lasagna, the worlds best salad, a gourmet desert and a bottle of wine for each and invite the current Chipendale dancers. Or better yet, pay Taylor to show for eats and treats. Rosie

  12. I would buy it and multiple copies!! Taylor is fantastic, as always. He is just the BEST performer around and Whomp at the Warfield is a sample of who he is when he performs. This is the first time I have been able to see the show and I am mesmerized! Love, Love , Love all that Taylor is and does.

  13. I would buy it in a heart beat. I keep hearing about it yet have never seen it. I don't have a HD ready TV so can't get the HD channels. If only.....

  14. I'd buy it in a heartbeat! Thanks for the HDTV recap, Caryl. I can't wait to see it.