Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I'm not a music expert. And I find it difficult to put into words why I like a certain song or musician. I think a lot of you are like me. There's something in Taylor Hicks' voice or in his delivery -or both- that gets inside your chest and makes you pay attention.

But has anyone out there figured out why we're SO affected by his music? And why we're still online after all this time sharing videos and news about him?


Yeah, I didn't think so! I've decided that the man's got some kinda voo-doo. I lived in Louisiana for about nine years. Believe me, from my experience there's no fighting the voo-doo. Let it take you over:

Taylor Hicks - Gonna Move + Soul Serenade - Magic Bag 6-22-09 from ForeverTaylor on Vimeo.


  1. Well for me, it's not just Taylor's music that really moves me, it's a lot of different artists. It's just music, period. Why? I don't know, but it can make me sad, joyful, ecstatic, turned on.... Music is a miracle. A miracle I cannot live without. Tay is part of that miracle. :)

  2. Oh, of course! I'm moved by a lot of different musicians, too. But I don't blog about them!

  3. I don't know about voo-doo. I don't know why I am so captivated by Taylor. I just am and I'm going with it, giving in to it, and enjoying the ride. He moves me deeply. Period.
    Very few musicians have had this effect on me, and I have loved music forever. I would not be online following Taylor's career if he were an arrogant, rude, selfish jerk with a great voice.
    He is the total package IMO. He loves, lives, and oozes the music and looks good while doing it. ;)

  4. This video exudes so much happiness. Watch his face. He mentions King Curtis and he understands peeps get him and his "throwback" style.

    I wasn't at this show, but the elated tranquility that's been described shines right through the pictures and videos. It's obvious to me that the way he played those songs that night is the way he always intended them to be heard.

    Stripped down, naked, raw and finally he's comfortable enough in his own skin it seems, to allow the fans that have stuck with him through thick and thin, a window seat to the edge of his soul. That in itself is the highest compliment any artist can pay their fans.

  5. That last comment says it all....he is a total package...and Yes, I do feel like I've been put under some kind of spell...only thing is, I love this feeling....so wherever it leads...take me, I'm yours...LOL

  6. Caryl, When I listen to his voice I almost go into a trance of sorts, his voice is so soothing and the emotion he projects with each song keeps me coming back for more. Doesn't matter what he is singing its always there. When he performs the National Anthem I usually am reduced to tears good tears his voice effects me that way. Yes he is the total package and just a nice guy!


  7. You're sticking with the blog, good. Sometimes you need just step away.

    I'm with Anony #1 I just enjoy music period and Taylor Hicks one of the guys I find interesting. Do I listen to him daily? No. But there are times I do like to kick back, drink a beer and put on "Under the Radar". The new CD has grown on me as well.