Tuesday, November 3, 2009

God Keeps Him Grounded

These two paragraphs from a recent interview with Taylor Hicks stuck with me for a couple of weeks. I thought I should post them in case you missed it. It's very sweet:

Taylor sings one of his songs on stage after every Grease show and then signs CDs and visits with fans afterwards. It is a connection he does not take lightly. “Reporters have to take a negative slant. But they don’t see the down syndrome child who comes up and throws his arms around you and gives you a big hug, while you and his family share a few moments of joy,’’ Taylor said before a recent show in Biloxi.

“That’s something I see every night. I do eight shows a week and I’m on the floor with the public in every part of the country.
“Something like that hits you hard and it’s real, and it gets to me,’’ he added. “It’s not about what you’ve been talking about in interviews all day. It’s what happened right then and it brings you right down to Earth. God has a way of not letting you get carried away.

That's nice, isn't it?

The only thing the following videos have in common with the above article is that Taylor is signing CDs after Grease. (ha) I shot them in Houston after the Sunday matinee and was very impressed by the amount of people waiting to meet him.

Here's the thing. I did a lousy job of taping this. The first video cuts off too soon and the second doesn't show the whole line. And why did I pan outside to look at the city? Who cares what it looks like behind Taylor? Well, at least I gave you a nice close-up of the floor at the end! I'm posting them both so you can A. bask in my video-taking greatness or B. meet in a chat room later to laugh at me. Your call.


  1. How about C. Take them and repost them on another site ,so that more people can enjoy them. Of course, I need an embed code to do that. Surprisingly, I understood every word spoken by the people in line: gibberish is my second language!
    Thanks, that was fun.


  2. hmmmm~~~ Interesting example of "speed filming".

  3. Thanks, cath! I was self-conscious about recording this. I wasn't on line, I was just standing there watching and I felt like people were wondering what I was doing. I wish I could do it over, but hey- at least I got something!

  4. Something weird is happening. This blog post isn't showing up when I go to Taylor Tuesday. Do you guys see it if you click on this link?

  5. I had no trouble coming to the blog Caryl.

    It's great to see the crowds line up for Taylor and how excited they are to get just that moment with him for an autograph or a picture. I think your vids are just fine! I take really bad ones myself though. LOL NEVER get a whole song, out of focus, pan around or zoom in and out way too much, and the worst is I can't keep still and start dancing to the music.

    Taylor is a sweetie and very kind to the disabled. I'm glad he has those moments with the "real" people after his Grease shows that keep him humble too. Thanks for a great post Caryl!

  6. Caryl, How sweet he makes time for everyone. Its great with all the crowds that come to see him he can do it.


  7. Nice blog, Caryl. We sometimes miss what's really important. Taylor has kept his focus on what matters...the people he touches with his music and his career. Thanks to Taylor and you for keeping US grounded!

    Some of us don't even try to take videos! You made a good attempt. Be proud! :)