Tuesday, October 27, 2009

When Bad Translations Happen to Good People 2

Oh man! I was going to let this go, but it's TOO funny. It was obviously translated into another language and then back again to English. I put my favorite bad translations in RED:

October 27
Taylor Hicks is Hopelessly Devoted ' in Grease '
Another nice article about Taylor Hicks in Grease This one includes a good stopper for his up-to-the-minute album, The Distance

By Patrice Stewart
The Decatur Daily, Ala, Sept 24

American God 2006 victor Taylor Hicks returns to his hometown for a featured function in the touring production of Grease , which opened Tuesday at the Birmingham-Jefferson Civic Eye.

The platinum-selling recording artist will play the `` Adolescent Angel '' office through Sunday.

Bumpkins (BUMPKINS? Oh my god that's funny. They used another word for "Hicks") doed his Broadway introduction in the Adolescent Angel office and holds get on the route with Grease since this circuit started December 2.

`` I holded such a great experience executing on Broadway, '' he stated. `` This is a great chance to see old fans and new nationally while conveying them a great Broadway show. ''

Yahooes (ROTFL!! A different choice for the word "Hicks") was called victor of the 5th season of the Fox Telecasting series American God He holds been entering and doing appearances since his 2006 win.

On March 10, Hicks relinquished his new studio album `` The Distance, '' featuring the singles `` What Holds Right Is Right '' and `` Sevener Mi Dislocation. ''

*wiping tears* Oh, man, that's good stuff.


  1. Caryl, Just saw that, couldn't believe what I was reading, just lol!! :) Could they butcher it anymore?


  2. This just proves that a lot is lost in translation, with words meaning different things in different countries. These alerts are quite frequent , usually from an Asian country ..... at least they love Taylor in those parts of the world......we can find solace in that . LOL

    To our favorite Yahoo, Taylor Hicks !!!


  3. I don't get not getting his name correct but Bumpkins and Yahooes make me laugh. It is all too funny and sorry I missed Tay's great experience of executing on Broadway. Can you imagine them translating the entire Sevener Mi Dislocation song! Fun Stuff. rosie

  4. OMG this is SO hilarious! When I first skimmed it the other day, I did not read it and understand that it was a translation back to English. I thought Caryl had REALLY lost it. Haha!! Yahoos and bumkins! LOL

  5. Rosie, they did not get the name right because they did not treat it as a proper name, but a noun "hicks." That is why it was tranlated to yahooes and bumpkins I think. So funny!