Tuesday, October 20, 2009

In Your Time

From Heart Full of Soul by Taylor Hicks:

Richard Black was a great guy and the first serious musician I'd met who took a real interest in me as a player....Richard told me that if I wanted to be a true musical artist, I had to try to write my own songs....

I disappeared from the Black house for a couple of weeks.... Not long after, I sat everyone down in the sound room and played for them the very first song I ever wrote. It was called "In Your Time," and even if it did sound a bit too much like a certain Cat Stevens song I really loved, it was still pretty good for a rookie try. A few years later, "In Your Time" would become the title track of the first album I recorded on my own. So Richard's lecture paved the way for a number of firsts, the most important of which was that, for the first time in my life, I listened hard to somebody else and took their advice to heart.


  1. Interesting excerpt, Caryl.

  2. My three favorite Tay written pre AI songs are In Your Time, Somehow and The Fall and all were written and recorded by 1997 when he was 20 or 21. They say prodigies do their best work when they are young. It was good for a rookie try and Taylor is no longer a rookie. Doubt he would have won AI at age 20. He won with the voice, music knowledge and figuring out how to woo a TV audience. He is still learning and planing and ploting his next career move and may make even a bigger mark than the winner of AI5. rosie

  3. Caryl, Interesting the story behind the song. In Your Time also one of my favorites, thanks for posting.


  4. I love this song, one of my top three from pre-AI Taylor even though I can't figure out it's meaning....it's a GREAT tune!