Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Welcome to Houston, Taylor Hicks

Taylor Hicks will finally be in my little ole town for the next two weeks. I mentioned somewhere online that maybe it's time for everybody to put their cameras down and actually experience the music. Leave the camera home. Stop squealing. Listen.

In the spirit of "leaving the camera at home," I'm putting the mouse and the keyboard away. I'm documenting nothing. If Taylor Hicks shows up on one of my local shows, I'm gonna watch it, but I'm not going to bother finding a video of it online for you.


Well, shoot. I'm having a hard time writing this because I'm not being honest. The truth is, I'm over it. I don't need to watch every video, read every article or hear every interview. I just don't care about any of that anymore.

You can have it. Just leave me the music. I'm so moved by this man's voice that I don't even understand it. I've stopped trying to figure it out, it doesn't really matter.

So, yeah, Taylor will be doing the usual adorable interviews and performing in Grease here in Houston, but all I really care about is what he's doing on September 14th at Warehouse Live.

And I'll be leaving the camera at home.


  1. Caryl said:
    "You can have it. Just leave me the music. I'm so moved by this man's voice that I don't even understand it. I've stopped trying to figure it out, it doesn't really matter."

    You said it girl !!!

    I can't say I'm not interested in the press and pictures. And videos that surface after the fact. My feelings are - to each his own, I guess. I learned very early in this adventure that I'll not capture a picture of Taylor onstage that anyone would want in their library. And the visual and audio quality of video my camera takes is poor poor.

    I've also learned that if I don't give the moments my undivided attention, I come away with experiences and memories that do not do the times justice at all.

    I'll watch and look at whatever surfaces. But I'm there to watch Taylor sing the songs he loves, and listen to him share his musical soul with us for a bit.

    Sept 14 at Warehouse Live can't get here soon enough.

  2. I'm quickly getting to the point where the pics all start looking alike and I can actually skip an interview or 2 and not die. LOL.

  3. His voice moves me too!!

  4. I've also stopped trying to watch every interview and follow every single move. There is just not time enough to devote to that and still live a "normal" life. For me anyway. I'll always apprecaite those who take the time to post all the news and information and will keep up as much as I am able.

    The voice really moves me too and that's why I can't get enough of these live concerts! I agree about the cameras. I think I'll leave mine home from now on and just enjoy the moment, not try to capture it.

  5. Well, you're the only one I would encourage to TAKE the camera to his shows!! You take really great concert photos- of many different musicians.

    Don't mean to confuse you-haha. If you don't wanna lug the camera around at Warehouse Live, then don't!! Just enjoy yourself.

  6. Do you know how lucky you are??? Taylor in TX!


  7. I remember when everyone wanted to share Taylors performances and experiences. It was greatly appreciated by people who can't go.
    His voice moves me like no other also, but I would have heard almost nothing other than a CD the past couple of years without the generous people with their cameras and recorders. I thank them all.

  8. What I've finally gotten past is the negative stuff - I finally figured out these people are just idiots - to each his own and my own is Taylor Hicks!

  9. My own is Taylor Hicks too!!!!!!!!!

  10. Anonymous at 12:02
    This is how I interpreted Caryl's post.

    Those who love photography - or those who want to capture good audio (bless you)- enjoy what they do so of course they should have fun and do it. Most also enjoy sharing their work and for that we thank and admire them.

    But for those who think of cameras as alien enemies, messing with one ruins why they're there and they should not feel obligated to bring back pelts.