Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Warehouse Live, Sept 14th

Dear Diary,

Monday night I went to a show at Warehouse Live in Houston, which included this amazing keyboard player. I couldn't take my eyes off his flying hands.

He was full of charisma, smiling out at the audience, encouraging us to clap along. I thoroughly enjoyed watching him work.

Here, Dear Diary, I found you a video. Skip to the :35 mark:

Behind him sat a guy playing bass guitar.

photo by NolaMar

He looked about 12 and was introduced as the little kid in the band. Then the lead singer said, "Actually, he's 32, loves mountain biking..." The Little Kid plucked out a funky beat as the crowd chuckled.

photo by NolaMar

I wish I could have seen the guitarist on the other side of the lead singer. Alas, the crowd was straining ever closer to the stage, blocking my view. But I felt the notes he played in my chest at times, as he whipped the guitar into submission.

Watch him around 3:30:

The lead singer had a powerful voice and provided entertaining banter in between songs.

photo by NolaMar

The venue doesn't look like much from the outside, but the room where this performance took place (The Studio) had a very cool look. I would have preferred a little more distance between the band and the crowd because it would have been easier to see them. One woman actually sat cross-legged on the stage, watching the musicians. That may sound cozy but it's possible she had to choose between sitting on the stage or having her legs crushed against it.

All in all, a pleasant evening. Especially for me, since my clothes came away unscathed by a wayward drink.

Keyboard: Brian Less
Guitar:John Kulinich
Bass:Jason Parker
Lead Singer: Taylor Hicks


  1. Yea, Brian was really on fire, wasn't he? And that lead singer was not bad either... ;)

    I never considered that the woman was on the stage for any reason but she wanted to be, but you are right. She might not have had a choice. It looked pretty packed over there. I still have bruises on my right thigh from the stage. Part of the problem I think might have been that the musicians were all sitting down and were very difficult to see over the heads of the crowd. If they were standing or the stage higher it would have been better. Wish they would use chairs for the audience too for these "acoustic" shows.

    How in the world did you get away without any drink splatter? I got it coming from my left AND my right and you were on my right. LOL

  2. Oh, BTW I have close up of Brian on the keys in that same song you posted. But I panned away a little bit before I should have. He's always great!

  3. Sounds like a good time was had by all! :)

  4. I like the diary idea.
    Coming together as a temporary band must be difficult and require a lot of individual skill from everyone. It's nice that you acknowledged all the musicians on that stage.

  5. I know this is a TH fan site, but I got there and the music started and it just WASN'T all about him.

  6. Caryl, my two favorite bands both have strong leaders who have done some solo work on the side. But as much as Grace Potter and Jeff Tweedy are the focus and the heart of their respective bands, it is the sum total of who they play with that gives them their sound.
    Would really like to see Taylor have a permanent band at some point. It takes time for a band to gel and you can hear a difference when it happens. That was the biggest reason I was excited about the idea of him having a club in B-ham.

  7. Loved all the musicians! Brian is always on fire--so much love.
    It was great meeting you.

  8. Caryl, Nice wrap up, can't help getting caught up with the likes of the musicians he keeps with him, they are all fantastic!!!


  9. I think I've seen the lead singer somewhere before. =)
    Glad you went and enjoyed caryl!!!


  10. Love this Caryl !! I feel blessed to have been there to experience the "acoustic concert" in Houston.

    YES !!! It's mostly about Taylor for me.
    But the musicians he brings along for this ride are a huge part of it all too. One of the first things my friend Connie noticed at the Beau Rivage the other night was Taylor directing the band. It's pure joy to watch how it all comes together with a slight of his hand. To know that these days, he drops in for a few minutes during sound check and the finished product sounds like it does at Show Time amazes me to no end !!

    They all seem to have such a great time together!

  11. Loved peeking at your diary. :-)

  12. Oops. Forgot my name.

    Love, Chill. :-)

  13. I love your diary posting, Caryl. The "hand-picked" boys in the band are fabulous...
    Just wondered if you could expound a little more on the lead singer with the powerful voice? Hee Hee

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