Thursday, September 10, 2009

Adventures in Taylorland, Part I

His second day in Houston, Taylor Hicks signed books and CDs at Books-a-Million downtown. I wasn't planning to go, mostly because I didn't know about it, but my good buddy, havingfun, wanted to meet me there, so I decided it might be fun. I also thought perhaps this book signing could erase the memory of the Debacle of 2007 when I went to a book signing in NY run by Nazis:

"You vill stand HERE! You vill valk trough dis maze of bookshelves-NO peeking!! You dere!! Eyes front!! Have your book open and ready, get your autograph and move on!! You must leave de area!!"

Yesterday, as I followed my printed directions, I had a heck of a time finding the bookstore. Most of the streets are one-way, so if you make a mistake while driving, you may wind up crossing the state line into Louisiana before you get back to where you need to be. It's a nightmare.

I FINALLY found the building but couldn't' find parking. When at last, I pulled into a parking spot on the roof of some building I still wasn't sure where the bookstore was and I wasn't sure I cared.

Just then havingfun called and asked me if I could help her find the location when she got into downtown. I don't think she found my laughter reassuring.

By the way, dear reader, I think I looked presentable when I left my house. Hair styled, make-up on, casual, but nice outfit. I had to jump into heels at the last minute because my jeans were too long. By the time I stumbled into that bookstore, a light rain had had it's way with my hair and those stupid shoes had done a number on my feet. I was out of breath.

(I'm not in this picture, you silly people!)

I bought a book, was directed towards the book signing and was suddenly thrust in front of Taylor Hicks. The heavy breathing, the limping and the damp hair wasn't exactly the look I was going for that morning.

He signed my book and then we faced my camera for a photo.

Nothing. The batteries were dead. Everyone watching thought it would be a great idea if I went away, bought some batteries and came back. I thought it would be a great idea if I just went away.

I found a chair and sat down to regroup. It was then that I remembered that havingfun was still on her way.

to be continued.....


  1. Oh the suspense is killing me! rosie

  2. Caryl, Thanks for sharing you book signing adventure. The pics are wonderful.

    Got a little tip for you for shoes that hurt your feet. My Grandmother when I was little and went the Catholic School and had to wear saddle shoes that always hurt. She would take rubbing alcohol and pour it on my socks and put the shoes on and have me walk. The alcohol molds the shoe to your foot and somehow they don't hurt anymore. I still do it today I'll put on stockings pour the alcohol walk for a bit and they stop hurting. My kids do it with sneakers that sometimes pinch a bit. It works with leather and man made materials. Its a great way to break in new shoes!!!


  3. By the way, everyone was VERY nice. My bad mood had nothing to do with the people running this or with Taylor. I was mad at the world, annoyed that I had to meet Taylor with wet hair (well, c'mon, you want to look nice, right?) and maybe even mad at myself for not leaving the house earlier.

  4. I'm cracking up lol
    I don't think I would ever make it to anything that hard to get to. I'm used to small towns.

  5. Love this !!! Laughing out loud at the Louisiana state line thing !! Ain't that the truth !!

  6. OMG Caryl, It's 3:20 am & I'm finally finding my way here! You have me in hysterics!! This is so great! On to part II.......