Monday, August 10, 2009

We Be Limin

While Taylor Hicks was off this past week, I thought about doing a funny, "Where's Taylor?" post. But when I sat down to write it, it felt intrusive, even though I was planning to take a humorous look at the possibilities. Frankly, I didn't want to think too much (or encourage other fans to think too much) about where he might be.

Can you imagine living the way he does? He seems to work ALL the time. Disappearing for a week here and there must be what keeps him sane. I actually get a kick of it when he's able to get away undetected.

It reminds me of the time I watched Taylor walk unnoticed past a crowd of fans who were waiting outside a theater to see his show. He had his hat pulled low and his head down. I saw him approach, walk past me and pull the door open.

I waited until he was almost inside, pointed at his back and said to my companions, "THAT was Taylor." He must have heard me, because he turned around and laughed, as the door closed behind him.

I know other fans have similar stories, moments when they saw him somewhere and simply left him alone. Good for you, guys! (And, you're welcome, Taylor.)

Anyway, I have no idea where Taylor was this past week and I don't really care. He may not have been on vacation at all for all we know. But assuming he was, let's listen to one of his early original tunes to celebrate a bit of R&R. (BTW, "Limin," according to the Urban Dictionary, means, "hanging out or chillin"):

Limin - Taylor Hicks


  1. All I can say is when he disappears his fans all seem to go more insane. They have to have all their baby ducks in a row, and apparently, he's one of them. lol

    I've seen him incognito myself. It's kind of entertaining isn't it? I hope he had a great time off limin'

  2. Yep, he walked right past a group of fans that were waiting in the meet and greet line in San Antonio, Spring 2007. Even got out of the bus and walked right past the line got on the bus, got back off the bus and walked into the building before anyone realized it was him. LOL

  3. I looked for him in Birmingham today but could not find him.

  4. I'm pretty sure I had a Taylor sighting back in Oct 07. It was the day after his Millerville's show at a local diner. My son turned 21 was having a big bash and we wanted to make sure they all ate before the drinking started. We were in the diner and I watched these 3 guys walk by one tall cap on pulled down and sun glasses, the other two in caps. Watched them go to the register and pay, I was on delay and it hit me it was Taylor, Bill and Brian, but they went in and out without a fuss. I would have never approached him anyway even if it hit me sooner who it was. Thats his time and doesn't need anyone bothering him when he is eating.

    Its fun to try and guess where he might be, but he surely deserves his private down time!


  5. If I ever saw him walking around with his hat on trying to hide, I would leave him alone. Good blog post Caryl! :)

  6. I love "Limin'". I'm happy to have it on my iPod. Another Taylor classic.
    I'm hope that Taylor enjoyed his chill time. He deserves it!

  7. I love your Taylor/Waldo pic Caryl

  8. I was sitting in a casino hotel lobby when Taylor and his 2007 tour manager walked past on their way to the elevators. I said his name quietly and he turned slightly, waved, ducked his head down as if to say "I heard you, hello there...but I'm not stopping...." :)

    After three years of Taylor obsession, things have finally come to a point with me that I post less, do not need/want to know where he is every day, what he's doing, or even feel the desire to collect all Taylor related media. I do not like him or admire him any less and I REALLY want to see him perform asap....but I have backed off from the "all Taylor all the time" business.


  9. Caryl, I would stare but not bother him if I caught him in his off time. I've been in resturants with celebs and been disgusted by the number of people who come over to their table. rosie

  10. Saw him in NYC cap and all. Easy to hide there.