Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Taylor Hicks is Coming To Town

Taylor Hicks has announced another shadow concert date during his national tour of Grease. He'll be performing on September 14th at Warehouse Live, in Houston, TX.

Yee-ha! I'm fixin' to have a coronary knowing there's gonna be a show that's just down the road a piece from me. That's right, I can jump in the truck and drive about ten miles, as the crow flies. (Yo! Youse guys, don't tell anyone I'm actually a transplanted Yankee. shh...) Y'all, grab yer kin and come on down!

Warehouse Live

Just beyond the gleaming office buildings of Downtown Houston lies Warehouse Live, a 1920’s era warehouse repurposed as a one-of-a-kind concert and event venue. Warehouse Live features a vintage, 20 foot neon marquee welcoming and branding your event from the start. (From the Warehouse Live website.)

Voted by Houston Press as the Best Club for Out-of-Town Acts:

Very tough category to call, but Warehouse Live gets the nod for its versatility (i.e., the 400-capacity studio and 1,500-capacity ballroom), world-class sound system and the fact that more often than not its shows sell out, no matter if the evening's entertainment is Spoon and the New Pornographers or the one and only Snoop Dogg.

Warehouse Live is a very cool venue, in the middle of downtown Houston. Taylor's show will be in 'The Studio," with capacity for 400 people, standing room only.

It was announced today that, in an unprecedented and untrue move, the Governor has declared Texas, "The Cone Star" state during Taylor Hicks' stay.

(That picture makes me laugh everytime!)

If you're considering coming to see the T-man, I recommend making a weekend of it and touring the sights which are unique to Houston. In fact, you might want to think about staying on the water in Galveston one night. It's NOT a stone's throw away, though. You'll need a car. Everything is spread out, in fact, but most attractions can be reached via public transportation.

Why do I sound like an advertisement for the Houston show? Because during Taylor's solo tour the Houston show was cancelled. The official reason was a scheduling conflict, but I fear not enough tickets were sold. We need to make sure that doesn't happen again.

(*Now I'm yelling at you like a side-show barker*) So you say you've always wanted to tour NASA?! You say you've always wanted to see the Gulf of Mexico and eat authentic Mexican food?! Perhaps you'd like to cap off a long weekend with some good music in a club voted, "Best Club For Out-of-Town Acts"?! Then Houston's the place for you!! (Too aggressive? OK, I'll tone it down.)

Should you- you know, *shrug*- decide to come to Houston, here are some fun things to do. *shrug* Whatever:

1. NASA and Space Center Houston. Space Center Houston's unparalleled exhibits, attractions, special presentations and hands-on activities tell the story of NASA's manned space flight program. SCH is the only place in the world where visitors can see astronauts train for missions, touch a real moon rock, land a shuttle, and take a behind-the-scenes tour of NASA.

2. Galveston Island Galveston offers 32 miles of relaxing beaches, superb restaurants, top resort hotels, marvelous downtown shopping, numerous antique stores, incredible art galleries, fabulous entertainment and one of the largest and well-preserved concentrations of Victorian architecture in the country.

3. The Kemah Boardwalk. Take a stroll on the Boardwalk, dine by the water, ride the carousel, and listen to live music.

4. Downtown Aquarium Restaurant This $38-million world-class complex, perched on the redeveloped 400 block of Bagby, boasts 500,000 gallons of visible underwater tanks with more than 200 species of marine life--and that's just skimming the surface. You'll find rides and amusements for the entire family. The Shark Voyage is a highlight: Travel via train into an acrylic tunnel with live sharks swimming overhead. Ride the 100-foot Diving Bell Ferris wheel for an incredible view of the city, or the aquatic carousel if you'd rather be grounded. Quell your hunger at the Marina Matinee cafe or Aquarium restaurant; quench your thirst at the Dive Lounge.

5. Moody Gardens: I-Max theater, indoor rainforest, and fresh water beach.

6. The Galleria. The Galleria is the fourth largest mall in the nation. With its stunning architecture, exceptional store mix and distinctive style of entertainment, The Galleria has established itself as the #1 shopping and tourist destination in Houston with over 24 million annual visitors. Set beneath spectacular glass atriums, The Galleria features more than 375 fine stores (including Neiman Marcus, Cartier, Gucci, two Macy's stores, Tiffany & Co., Saks Fifth Avenue, Ralph Lauren Collection, Louis Vuitton and Houston's only Nordstrom),restaurants, an impressive ice rink and two Westin hotels.

7. Houston Museums: Children’s Museum, Museum of Natural Science, Museum of Fine Arts, Holocaust Museum and the Contemporary Arts Museum.

8. Minute Maid Park Enjoy a game while you're here. The Astros play Friday, September 11 at 7:05pm; Saturday, September 12 at 6:05pm; Sunday, September 13 at 1:05pm.

9. San Jacinto Monument and Museum: home to Battleship Texas and the 5 70-foot San Jacinto Monument.

10. Sam Houston Race Park: enjoy a day at the races.

11. The Houston Zoo

12. Houston Arboretum and Nature Center. A 155-acre non-profit urban nature sanctuary. Visitors can enjoy over 5 miles of nature trails, including forest, pond, wetland and meadow habitats. The grounds are open daily 7:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. The Discovery Room offers hands-on interactive exhibits, microscopes, touch screens and more. The Discovery Room is open Tuesday-Sunday, 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

13. Outdoor Theater in Hermann Park. Visitors sit on the hillside or take a seat under the polygon canopy to enjoy the weekly shows that start in the spring and run through the fall. Free.

14. Bayou Bend Visit the magnificent home of Miss Ima Hogg (yeah, that was really her name!) and learn about the extraordinary legacy of a remarkable woman. Best known for her superb collection of American decorative arts, Miss Hogg was also largely responsible for Bayou Bend's innovative architecture and breathtaking gardens.

Buy tickets for Taylor's show here:


  1. Caryl, What a great advertisement to come to Texas! Love the idea of the "Cone State" think the Govenor will adopt it?

    Mostly I am thrilled Taylor will be doing a show close by you. You have waited a long time for this, goes without saying ENJOY!!!!


  2. I may be there too Caryl!!! My sister actually wants to go with me. The only problem is if it starts too late she can't come or we would have to leave early. I'm trying to find out if there is an opener.

    I'm so gald you are getting a show!!

  3. BTW, love your pimping Houston and the show!! LOL

  4. I love you Caryl !!!

    You made me want to see Houston !!

    I hope Taylor has a great time here.

    (don't tell anyone I live here and have not visited half of these places, great as they are!)

    NolaMar - We'll get you home !!! Just come !!!


  5. yes, you have to come, NolaMar!

  6. Go, Caryl! Sell out Houston!
    Saw your blog on Taylor, the photographer. A book would be a great seller!
    I have Rob Morrow's book...LOVED Northern Exposure!

  7. Man, after reading that, now I want to go to Houston!! You should totally work in PR. :)

  8. I would love to vacation there! Great job Caryl! Hey now Tay will know all the cool places to go. :)

  9. Hey - He could sing the NA at the Sat or Sun Astros game! (Friday night he will be in Biloxi)
    Go for it Taylor !

  10. Great idea! That would be fun! (My neighbor is a pitcher for the Astros, btw. No, he can't book someone to sing the Nat'l athem! I just felt like telling you. LOL!)

  11. OMG !! Would love to know who your "neighbor pitcher" is !!!

  12. Nobody's ever heard of him, which is the way he likes it. He's a relief pitcher. I'll tell you when I see you.

  13. Caryl, you should be working for the Houston Chamber of Commerce or their Office of Tourism !
    Seriously lady, you need to find an outlet for that writing talent.