Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Takin It To The Tweets

Taylor Hicks is an inspiration to many. I've heard of fans returning to old passions like painting, dancing and miming. For me, the glimpses we've been given of his song writing process has inspired me to write my own.

Oh, I may blatantly rip-off the music, but the lyrics came from a place deep inside me, a dark and lonely place a little to the left of my pancreas. I close my eyes, blocking out the world around me and pull the words up (occasionally with a belch. sorry.) I humbly submit to you, dear reader, my latest offering.

The music comes from a song Taylor made his own on American Idol. Let's sing it together, shall we?

Sung to the tune of, "Takin It To The Streets."

You don’t know me
But I’m Cone Ranger.
I was raised up in this ice cream cone.
I’ve got a little time in here
So I’ll write you on my phone

You, won’t believe how much
You’re gonna hear from me
I can’t blog
But a cone twitter is so easy

Takin it to the tweets
Takin it to the tweets
Takin it to the tweets
Takin it to the tweets

Take this message to my fan base
It will find them anywhere
Whenever people go to Twitter
They’ll find a tweet from me in there

Yeah, you, seem to always need
Another piece of me
Here’s some info
You can use as currency

Takin it to the tweets
-----------It’s such a simple thing!
Takin it to the tweets
-----------I tweet and then I sing
Takin it to the tweets
-----------Make sure my phone's secure
Takin it to the tweets
-----------Inside my pompadour!

*dance maniacally*


  1. AHHAHHAHAHAAHHA!! Caryl!! That is fantastic!!

    Cone Ranger still slays me...and not necessarily in a good way. ahahha

  2. Caryl, Magic again, that was great, you have to send the "Cone Ranger" his new "Takin to the Tweets". I'm sure he would love it!!!


  3. Toooo funny! My favorite part is "dance maniacally" LOL!

  4. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are so crazy girl!

    "I can’t blog
    But a cone twitter is so easy"

    and love the phone in the pompadour! :D :D

    Thanks for the day brightener and putting a smile on my face...

  5. Perfect snack with my afternoon caffeine break . . except it's stuck in my head now - ack !
    T/Y for the laugh.

  6. Hahaha, You crazy gal with the off beat sense of humor. I know due to Tays' inspiration, I have returned to my miming and hope to get a paying gig in a near by mall. Hope Taylor sees your song. Rosie

    oh my god!!!! *breathes* Hahahahahahhahahha!!!

  8. You guys get me! You REALLY get me! Is it wrong that this makes me laugh out loud? I guess cuz I picture Taylor singing it. LOL!

  9. LOL! I picture him "dancing like a maniac"!